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Dedicated and Educated to Deliver Creative Excellence and Professionalism in Special Events

INNOVATION at Work for You
QUALITY Services and Programs

Dedicated and Educated to Deliver Creative Excellence and Professionalism in Special Events.

The Mission of ISES is to educate, advance and promote the special events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries.

To that end, we strive to…
Uphold the integrity of the special events profession to the general public through our "Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics"

Acquire and disseminate useful business information

Foster a spirit of cooperation among its members and other special events professionals, and…

Cultivate high standards of business practices.

Strategic Initiatives

The Vision is activated by three strategies:

INNOVATION at work for you
QUALITY services and programs

What's In It For You?
ISES will deliver more value to all stakeholders and higher levels of member satisfaction.

Our mission has commenced but we’ve only just begun.
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Reasons To Be An ISES Member

"ISES is an important asset to my career in many ways. It creates best-practices sharing among professionals within the industry, it exposes me to new and different ideas for events, and it encourages continuous educational opportunities to help further my career. I value my membership greatly and I feel it has been an important part of my career development. It’s a great association!"
Heather Wilson, CSEP, ME Productions

"ISES provides me a wonderful opportunity for education, networking, personal and professional growth."
Brooks Kendall, Ken-Ran Productions

"I often hear from people who are new to the event industry and I always tell them that if they are serious about events becoming their profession, they should invest in their future by joining ISES."
Phyllis Cambria,

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