About ISES

About ISES

The International Special Events Society is comprised of over 7,200 professionals in over 38 countries representing special event producers (from festivals to trade shows), caterers, decorators, florists, destination management companies, rental companies, special effects experts, tent suppliers, audio-visual technicians, party and convention coordinators, balloon artists, educators, journalists, hotel sales managers, specialty entertainers, convention center managers, and many more ...

ISES History

The International Special Events Society (ISES) was founded in 1987 to foster enlightened performance through education while promoting ethical conduct. ISES works to join professionals to focus on the "event as a whole" rather than its individual parts. ISES has grown to involve nearly 7,200 members active in 49 chapters throughout the world. Membership brings together professionals from a variety of special events disciplines including caterers, meeting planners, decorators, event planners, audio-visual technicians, party and convention coordinators, educators, journalists, hotel sales managers and many more professional disciplines. The solid peer network ISES provides helps special events professionals produce outstanding results for clients while establishing positive working relationships with other event colleagues.

ISES Mission

The Mission of ISES is to educate, advance and promote the special events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries.

To that end, we strive to
  • Uphold the integrity of the special events profession to the general public through our "Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics"
  • Acquire and disseminate useful business information
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation among its members and other special events professionals, and
  • Cultivate high standards of business practices.

International Leadership

The international leadership team is responsible for providing the vision and plans that will lead us into the 21st Century and beyond. www.ises.com  more

What Does ISES Mean?

  • Professional Development and Certification
    Affiliation with local chapters provides education and idea exchanges. ISES membership keeps you on top of industry trends through educational programs. Participate in the annual ISES Eventworld - A Conference For Professional Development or other ISES-sponsored classes to challenge your knowledge. Enhance your professional credibility by working towards professional accreditation and becoming a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP).
  • Recognition
    ISES honors industry excellence through its prestigious awards program, the ISES Esprit Awards. The Esprit Awards fuel a spirit of competition within designated categories. The categories within the Esprit De Corps Awards recognize the best and most creative within the special events industry. Esprit Awards gain global visibility and recognition for ISES members through general participation. The program honors professionals who exhibit a "spirit of excellence" in their work.
  • Strategic Alliance
    ISES and SpecialEvents magazine currently have a strategic alliance which provides benefits to ISES members. ISES recognizes SpecialEvents magazine link to www.specialevents.com as "the official and premier magazine of the special events industry in North America" and The Special Event as "the official and premier trade show for this industry in North America."
  • Networking
    Involvement means building relationships with other professionals from your region and beyond. The exchange that takes place grows your business contacts, as well as your potential client base, and/or provides you with employment opportunities. By committing time through membership, you invest in yourself and the industry while gaining an industry edge.

International Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics

Your special event is important - the last thing you want to worry about is the integrity of your special events professional. That's why all ISES members subscribe to the ISES Principles of Professional Conduct and ethics.  more

Read Our Chapter By-Laws

The ISES NY Metro Chapter is a 501c (6) Non Profit Corporation formed in 1989.  more

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From the creation of our chapter in 1989.  more

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